The trendy spring fashion and outfits for men & women

Soft and colorful comes our spring outfit, ladies and gentlemen. Goodbye velvet dress, faux fur coat and winter colors. With great pleasure we leave the codes set by the fashion trends of winter to find those of spring & summer.

With the return of the May season, a breath of fresh air will blow through your closet and clothing habits. Gone are the long winter months where sweaters and warm clothes have the last word. With rising temperatures and beautiful sunny hours, you need the right looks.

Six o’clock in the evening – If you look outside at this time, you will notice that it is still light. We gain a few minutes of light every day. Now we can enjoy a few rays of sunshine while taking a walk after a long day at the office.

The month of March is already well established, and even if we don’t necessarily see it, the beautiful days are getting closer. We already want to get out our dresses and pick up the stylish floral trends, but outside the thermometer rarely rises above 10°. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you all our tricks to play spring without ending up like an ice cube!


To express the arrival of spring through our look, there are a few super simple tricks that are easy to implement, regardless of current trends. Here is a summary of them for you:

  • 1. combine warm pieces with flowing summer clothes. In Lenz the patterns and bright colors are always there.
  • 2. use fresh, light pastel shades or bright, bold colors. Lighter shades add a touch of cheerfulness. So it’s time to put away the dark and drab colors. These are often associated with winter.
  • 3. incorporate flowing cuts into your look. You will also need several garments in neutral colors such as brown, gray or white. These have the advantage of being universal and adaptable to all seasons. So it’s a worthwhile investment as you can wear them all year round.
  • 4. Brighten up your outfit with eye-catching, summery designs like floral prints. 
    When you get dressed in the morning, always imagine that you are going to 
    picnic or a walk in the park. Then consider the beauty of the landscape to compose your look for the day.
  • 5. create a trendy layered look for cooler days. When spring arrives, coats and thick jackets are out of the question. You still need to wear a few layers of clothing, but you can opt for lighter fabrics like silk muslin, linen, fine cotton or tropical wool.
  • 6. complement your spring outfit with blazers or casual coats for the transitional season. 
    You can wear 
    nice sweaters over tight-fitting pants and a long-sleeved blouse. When the temperature rises, you can wear clothes that are getting prettier and have floral patterns.
What special tips for a spring outfit.

Here are tips on how to look beautiful „like a flower opening“ as temperatures slowly rise. Warmer days, but still cooler evenings… Spring is a season of transition before the return of summer. Lenz is often synonymous with a major clean-up in the locker room.

 Walking through the streets and woods, here and there you can see the first flowers eagerly stretching towards the sun. Some trees are already shining in a fresh green. Nature knocks at the door and slowly ends its winter sleep.

Between the cold and warm seasons, spring belongs to what is commonly called „half seasons“. The conundrum is simple: you need to cover up well, because both morning and evening are cool, but during the day the temperature can rise to very high levels. For this you need to have a common sense.

We can’t wait for 
the spring awakening: clearer days, better mood and… better fashion! 
The colors in March, April and May look sweet, sparkling and light. There will be beige and brown tones that offer us a return to our roots. There will also be poppy hues for those who aren’t afraid to wear colors loud and clear. Among them, candy pink, which will be everywhere. And then it will be metallic. Gold, silver and copper, of course, but not only.

If you fall in love with a piece with a beautiful print, like a striped blouse with a neckline, sometimes simple black pants will be enough to sublimate it. 
Opt for lighter fabrics.
season is still the festival of flowers, so you should wear flowers everywhere. Don’t hesitate to take out your dresses, shirts, shorts and other clothes that give you a lot of freedom of movement.

Last fashion tip: don’t forget a good pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses have become a must-have accessory to have style and sometimes bring the ultimate touch of chic to a look. They will accompany you for a perfect spring outfit

What to wear in spring?

If we don’t want to take too long of a winter break, let’s get the clothes and accessories that celebrate the new attitude to life out of the closet early, starting in mid-March. 
How are you doing? Those of you still in hibernation are feeling the heartbeat of May 
Fashionistas who can’t wait to pull out the clothes and accessories that have completed their summer wardrobe. Contrary to what the most timid may think, winter fashion allows for lighter clothing, provided it is well suited to avoid colds.

Aim for layers of clothing: thin, body-hugging clothes, such as a small, fitted top, then a pretty blouse with an open top.

For example, it’s no longer just about wearing furry turtlenecks, mink boots and parkas that drown out the silhouette in their imposing structure. 
A vest or jacket completes your outfit, which can be switched around during the day. Take off a layer when the sun is strong, without risking catching a cold on the way home from work;

We’re probably all feeling the same way right now: if you open your closet today, you’ll find sweaters, vests, and all the warmers that have been with us through the winter. It doesn’t feel like spring yet, does it?

Because after wearing out our cashmere waders and scarves and making a profit, it’s time to emancipate ourselves and bend the rules of dressing by bringing out our bevy of summer clothes from the closet.

Our winter clothes may slowly fade into the background, but they should not disappear completely. Even in spring, there are still cool hours ahead. A beautiful spring outfit is created by combining light clothes with warmth-giving pieces.

Style-conscious gals prove that the little covering parts we had to hide until the next season can be worn without waiting for the first signs of sprouting flowers.

If you want to enjoy the sunny days and think you’re already in summer, you should avoid coats and wear a long-sleeved warm vest instead. It covers your butt and in an oversized version can even reach the knees.

Without sorting out, let’s swap our somewhat suffocating knitwear for a denim bustier, a Bridgerton corset, a tank top, a crop top or a tight bodysuit that we want to wear in a layered look. In other words, layering one or more layers of jackets and coats to stay warm no matter what.

Thick materials are combined with light, flowing fabrics. To be neither too warm nor too lightly dressed, multi-layered clothing is an optimal solution to bridge the gap between winter and summer.

When it comes to accessories, we reach for our fetish strappy sandals from the closet, which can be turned with or without socks as we like. On a side note, we took the floral dress that accompanied us to the Amalfi Coast last summer off the hanger to wear it with santiags and put a sleeveless sweater underneath.

Use your „basics“ with accessories. This time of year, a little denim jacket can go out with you as well as a little black dress. But only if you have a scarf or a bandana at hand. And if we still think about cups, mules and satin dresses, many of the clothes and accessories that we dream of seeing ourselves in them again, are already dressed.

What colors suit this season?

We also bring the spring to shine through our color selection: Soft pastels and bright, bold colors set the tone now!

After the winter months, which are often synonymous with monotony in fashion, it’s time to let the colors run wild. To start off softly, try outfits in pastel shades. 
In this case, swap the colors black or dark blue for green, red or yellow. You have a wide range of fashion items in all pastel shades. They can be combined with other colors as long as your outfit keeps a perfect harmony.

Summer prints will give any outfit a strong push towards summer. How do you create cool spring outfits? 
Soft and bright pastel colors are the ones that will immediately remind you of the first glimmers of sunlight and won’t stand out against a warm garment in „primary colors“ like black, white or gray.

As for white, it will give you a chic elegant look. By combining it with other colors and choosing the right materials, you will always look stylish, no matter what the occasion. 
When it comes to pastel, there is a wide range of shades: lilac, peach, sugar pink, mint green. You can read more about it in our article „Dare to wear pastel colors“. Spring is also a great time to bring out the solid colors and put on patterned tops.

It is synonymous with rebirth and renewal. The snow disappears and gives way to greenery, while the thermometer degrees also begin to rise. The first flowers indicate the arrival of good weather.

This season, therefore, color is the first factor to consider when it comes to dressing in style. Indeed, it is very important to bring life to your closet. You should first choose materials that will still protect you from the fresh air, but keep you cool when it gets hot.

Where is the best place to shop?

For their fashion-conscious spring outfit ideas are suitable both online shopping and stores in the malls, shopping centers and retailFollowing 
a compilation of stores:
Zalando Online, Amazon, Zara, Otto, H&M, About You, C&A, Deichmann, Orsay, Primark, cunda, Bon Prix, Ottoversand and also the Zara Sale.