Long jersey dresses for women eg in black or long sleeve » knee-length elegant in the summer.

The most practical outfit for any occasion is the jersey dress. Made of stretchy fabric, they are really comfortable and perfectly fit any body type, so they are ideal for day and night.

Cut-out, asymmetrical, boat-neck and more – wear your knee-length jersey dress for day or evening for a look that’s always perfect. For a casual, trendy look, opt for a flowy T-shirt variation worn with a leather jacket and ankle boots.

Jersey is the clothing technique that refers to a fabric from the knitwear family. It is finely knitted asymmetrically and has a fairly stretchy fiber due to its flat finish. It can be made of various materials, often cotton, wool, viscose or other synthetic materials.

This technique is used to make the base of most T-shirts, which makes the fabric soft and comfortable to wear.

Since it is known that every woman is different, there is a wide range of appropriate styles so you can find the right piece for your personality and desires. Whether you are looking for a creation in casual, bohemian, romantic, or glamorous style, you will find it.

Whether you are going to the wedding of your best friends or to the next party in Berlin, there is the style of your dreams among all the trends of this year: long, old pink, straight, midi, mango, beige, midnight, comfortable or figure-hugging, high-necked or low-cut.


  • It has many properties that are appreciated for their practicality: it does not scratch, it is flowing and falls well on all shapes, it offers great freedom of movement, comfort and is also an ideal support for creating patterns and prints. Jersey is also effective in sports activities, as it helps regulate perspiration by absorbing it. It is therefore an ideal material to wear on a hot day or in hot weather.
  • As a symbol of feminine energy, elegance, femininity, beauty and glamor, dear ladies and ladies, this composition is available in an infinite number of variations (knee-length, two-piece, long-sleeved, cotton, linen, viscose, short, calf-length, with train, with lace, with slit, with sleeve, with corsage, white or black or even large sizes for chubby maxi in xxl 42, 44, 46, 48 & 50) available for both small and large festive occasions, eg in long blue or long black.
  • Planning an outing with friends? Dare to wear a tight masterpiece with a few accessories and a pair of high heels, very high. From mini to black long jersey dress, stay stylish whatever the season.
  • In addition, jersey clothing is easy to care for, as this material can be washed in the washing machine without losing its elasticity, and it does not wrinkle, so it retains its shape. Therefore, it is a fabric that is very suitable for the manufacture of typical female wardrobe.
  • In a professional setting, opt for a structured style that blends into the background while accentuating your figure to keep you comfortable all day long. Every color and pattern imaginable is represented, there is a product for every woman and style. There is an abundance of prints for summer fashion, with polka dots, stripes and many floral patterns that go perfectly with fine jersey fabrics for a refreshing spring style.
  • When it’s cold, you can simply slip into a short or long one, paired with a matching blazer and tights to protect yourself from the cold. When it’s hot, reach for lightweight fabrics that not only let your body breathe, but also fall perfectly on your figure. The copies are also available in special colors such as dark blue, cream, pastel, champagne, blue, burgundy, dark green or even in red.

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For those who want to dare something special in captivating quality, there are elegant chic sometimes silver and gold scarves in a variety of patterns and models (eg, deep v neckline, mermaid, vintage, backless, pink, plus size maternity, petrol, front short and back long or off the shoulder) that make us happy.

Some designs also play with material effects, such as ruffles at the waist to create a slightly puffy effect while still remaining slim. Other designers prefer shirring at the neckline to subtly accentuate the bust.

A plunging neckline also sublimates your shape and highlights your femininity with taste.

 There are also some women’s jersey dresses in the form of a wallet, where two large pieces of fabric cross on the front. This cut looks like a sculpture of the silhouette due to the V-neck and emphasized waist.

The pieces are available in every price range for women from cheap to exclusive, online in the store, retail, of course also in the sale, in the outlet or auction on Ebay as second hand.

Whether you’re looking for a playful print or a retro Brigitte Bardot collar, you’ll stand out from the crowd either way. Score fashion points with a casual t-shirt style or a mini paired with vertiginous heels.

Where best to buy cheap online or in store?

For their ideas are suitable both malls, online shopping , retail or stores. 
Here is a store compilation:
Zara, Zalando Online, cunda, Madeleine, H&M, s oliver, About You, Asos, Ottoversand, Bon Prix, Esprit, Amazon, Hennes and Mauritz, Karstadt Galeria, Vertbaudet for babies, children, girls and boys, Deichmann, Orsay, Primark especially for teens and teenagers, Peek and Cloppenburg good for older, Heine, Otto, C&A and in July & January in the Zara Sale.

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