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While exploring figure-hugging fashion trends, you’ve probably come across this somewhat surprising term: the bodycon dress. This must-have of women’s wardrobe is here to stay. So, you would love to dive into these works of art, but do you really know what it is? And how to wear it? We’ll tell you everything.

Bodycon dress is short for „body conscious“, literally, it means ultra-tight and gathered. Do not think that this style is reserved for model sizes. On the contrary, it beautifully reshapes the figure and emphasizes small curves. You just need to be confident and follow our styling codes.

If the name does not sound very flattering, the fashion to which it refers, it is quite. Bodycon dress is a tight-fitting masterpiece that fits closely to the body and follows its curves as much as possible to emphasize them.

Make room for this figure-hugging piece in your closet – with a wide selection of bodycon and bandage designs available in a variety of cuts, colors and textures, you’ll have no trouble finding your new favorites.

Elastic fibers like spandex are combined with other materials like cotton, polyester or velvet to create something comfortable and elegant. When you wear a bodycon dress, you show that you are in control of your shape.


For those who want to show themselves in a special dress in good quality, elegant chic sometimes gold and silver shells are available in a variety of patterns and models.

This concept was born in the late 70s and early 80s with the cult of appearance, where women had to show off a perfect body. Today, this style reflects more the desire to assume without complexes, to assert its femininity in a tight garment without playing the provocation.

They are available in different varieties such as vintage, backless, mermaid, plus size maternity, pink, petrol, deep v neckline, front short and back long or off shoulder that make us happy.

These compositions have become a must-have in the women’s wardrobe. The particularly tight aspect can make you think that it is reserved for the ultra-fine silhouettes, while well chosen it emphasizes all shapes.

Choose the right cut.

There are so many different models, cuts, colors and materials that you will inevitably find the dress that draws your curves without emphasizing your small flaws.

Your silhouette is type A (ie: narrow bust, pronounced hips): choose a model that emphasizes the torso. Asymmetry at the neckline and draping are ideal.

Bodycon dresses made of thick materials like velvet or cotton are perfect for slim, lanky figures who want to create volume. Leopard prints, horizontal stripes and shiny materials are also available.

The androgynous woman will choose this specialty, which emphasizes the hips and cleavage: deep V-neck, lace inserts, geometric patterns.

Voluptuous silhouettes will play beautifully with their curves by opting for a mid-length design in a lightweight fabric that delicately follows the lines of the body. Forget about animal prints and horizontal stripes that visually thicken the silhouette and opt for dark colors or textured effects that create a very flattering visual effect.

Chest size a little too big? Hide it with a V-neck or heart shape that stretches the neck and thus the torso.

Those who have a small tummy to hide, but do not want to do without a dress that emphasizes its generous curves, choose a model with a flounce or a flounce at the level of the belly.

If you have a small chest, which the tight side could make too visible, choose a model with a bardot neckline, decorated with a flounce. They emphasize the rest of your body and visually bring volume to the height of the chest.

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As a symbol of attractiveness, charm and glamor, dear ladies and ladies, the figure-hugging is available in an infinite number of variations (short, long sleeve, cotton, linen, viscose, knee-length, two-piece, with slit, with sleeve, with train, with lace, with corsage, calf-length, white or black or even large sizes for chubby maxi xxl in 42, 44, 46, 48 & 50) available for both small and large festive occasions, eg in long blue or long black.

When to wear a bodycon dress?

If it is suitable for all body types, it also has the advantage that it can be worn on almost all occasions. Again, you just need to choose your model carefully, depending on the material and cut.

With textiles, the firmer the fabric, the more it shapes the body. If you emphasize your curves, choose a very firm fabric to accentuate your figure while artfully concealing a few pounds.

Medium length cotton dress with tank top is perfect for an afternoon at the beach, a walk by the sea or even in the city. For lunch with friends, or any urban activity, the ideal bodycon dress is a midi model, with a portfolio cut, or a knitted model with puff sleeves very trendy.

The copies are also available in special colors such as champagne, cream, blue, bordeaux, dark blue, dark green or even pastel.

This tribute to femininity also invites you to parties: Choose a model made of a material that inspires elegance, such as velvet or silk, to balance the sexy side of tightness. For example, the Japanese style satin dress is the most beautiful effect for a dinner.

Choose the right color.

A dark shade is always a safe choice. After all, black is known to be slimming. However, there is nothing wrong with choosing a light tone for your ultra-tight style. If you’re not used to wearing them, start with a dark color, black or blue, so you feel comfortable from the start.

Whether you are going to the wedding of your best friends or to the next party in Berlin or New York, there is the bravura piece of your dreams among all the trends of this year: midnight, straight, old pink, long, beige, mango, midi, figure-hugging or comfortable, high-necked or low-cut.

And to emphasize the impression of slimness, know that there are perfect „optical concealer“: a fashion in a light tone, worked with darker bands on the sides, will give you a magnificent silhouette.

What accessories should you wear with a bodycon dress?

Depending on the style you want to show and the occasion you want to wear this splendor, it is important to know how to accessorize it. The point is to emphasize your figure, show your confidence, but without becoming too sexy and vulgar.

Pumps and high heels are a must, because they stretch and emphasize your figure.

During the day you can combine it casually with flat sandals or mules and a cardigan or denim jacket. For the beach, wear it with flip flops and a fancy necklace. For example, choose a mid-length cotton dress with a slit on the side.

Classic, fitted and super stylish – the tight bodycon is a real must-have for every fashion-conscious woman.

For a night out on the town, choose accessories that bring a touch of elegance, such as a long, colorful trench coat and a pair of pumps.

An essential tip if you want to wear one it: think about invisible seamless underwear.

With an ultra-tight bottom, the underwear must be absolutely invisible. Seamless panties and bras are a must!

Form-fitting underwear is also recommended, as it will nicely redefine your figure.

Nothing is more unfortunate and unsightly than when the seams of your underwear restrict your figure.

The pieces are available in every price range for women from cheap to exclusive, online in store, retail or even outlet.

It is best suited for cocktail parties and other fancy evenings. During the day, simply add a blazer or cardigan. The sexy artwork is eye-catching and should be the sole focus: avoid flashy accessories!

Where best to buy cheap online or in store?

For their fashion ideas are suitable both online shopping, retail, malls or stores. 
Following is a store compilation:
Zara, H&M, Zalando Online, cunda, About You, s oliver, Madeleine, Bon Prix, Asos, Ottoversand, Vertbaudet for babies, children, girls and boys, Primark especially for teens and teenagers, Amazon, Orsay, Heine, Deichmann, Otto, Karstadt Galeria, Hennes and Mauritz, Esprit, Peek and Cloppenburg good for older, C&A and in winter and summer the Zara Sale.

Discover these gift ideas that will give you a sexy style and look while being trendy and fashionable. They are made to perfectly draw and shape the sexy curves of your body. Besides, they are very trendy at the moment.

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