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Chuck Taylor All Star and sneaker fans share a long history of love. The popularity of the iconic pair of Converse went through the roof in the 70s, both high and low. So we are talking about a classic among classics!

Converse is a classic and essential brand in the field of sneakers that produces both urban and modern models with optimal comfort. Ideal with men’s jeans, they allow you to put together casual outfits that are on trend with the times.

The brand designs simple models in casual and streetwear style, which are very successful, as well as innovative and unique models in trendy designs.

Originally worn by basketball players, they are now a part of our modern everyday life, especially for men.

One thing is clear, we will never have to introduce the Converse All Star to anyone, let alone the fashion lover. The brand is a well-known player in the market with its iconic products.


  • The Chuck Taylor All Star, a mythical model created in 1917 and made popular by the famous basketball player in the early 20s. Since then they have gone through decades and fashions, changing colors, gaining or losing a few centimeters, always remaining true to themselves.
  • Converse is a cult brand of shoes. They have long dominated basketball and are considered the most famous sneakers. Everyone who buys online has access to these legendary shoes, and therefore it is useful to know the specificity of the sizes. If you know your exact size, you will have access to unique models that are often only available online.
  • The company the image has retained over the years of a young brand with a strong rock accent and offers its range of classics in ever new colors. They come in different variations and designs: the low-tops in black or white are the classics, but the high hi top sneakers also have a large following. Every season some very attractive new variations appear.
  • Look out for the original color, that’s what makes the most impression when you unbox them, the color is really good and it looks like it changes with the light. More than just sneakers, these stylish sneakers are filled with the DNA and spirit of the brand. When you get closer, the leather or, the fabric is nice and has no roughness.
  • They come in many colors, classic white, black, black, blue or green to match with all your outfits! Many copies are also available in special shades such as cream, champagne, silver, gold, dark blue, pink, lilac, antique pink, beige, dark green, ox, 70s glitter, bordeaux, 90s glitter or pastel.
  • The styles and colors often go well with most dark pants, the fit is comfortable and these models have character. To the touch, it is very soft, indicating the usual comfort. Taking a closer look at the pair, the level of workmanship is excellent. The stitching is perfect, the eyelets are well fastened and the sole has no defects in the connection with its upper.

The history of the origin of the Chucks

They have a long history behind them. They were born in 1917 from the initiative of Converse Rubber Shoe Company in the United States.

Since 1917, this composition is an icon of everyday coolness. You already know the details – the canvas upper, rubber outsole and, of course, the famous emblem.

They were originally brown canvas sneakers. Basketball player Chuck Taylor made these masterpieces famous by wearing them during his games.

OrthoLite outsole provides comfort. Never complicated. Always authentic.

In the 1930s the final name was chosen, as a tribute to this great sportsman. Very quickly, the Chucks left the field of sneakers and the sports world to conquer the street world.

Made from cotton canvas, vulcanized rubber and lots of vision, this creation has changed the fashion world forever. From basketball courts to concert stages, from skate spots to the streets, their iconic expression and creativity make an impact wherever they go.

The Converse brand was bought out in 2003 by Nike, who continue to produce the now famous attractions.

Converse All Star Hi High or Low Tops

The All Star is undoubtedly an iconic classic and available in Hi High Top or Low Top versions with a wide range of color options.

The shoe is made of cotton textile, set on a flexible vulcanized rubber sole, with a clear vision to give you the coolest skater style!

Now it’s your turn to continue the tradition. Check out the complete collection today: available for men, women and children.

In the assortment you will find specimens for the whole family. You will find the popular models for women, men and children in both high and low sneakers.

They are in every price range for men, women and children from exclusive to cheap, of course also in saleonline in store, retail, in the malls, second hand used or new on ebay in the bay or look in the outlet.

When it comes to color, there are countless shades of Chucks Taylor All Star! White, blue, green, red, black, yellow, pink kicks. Floral, plaid, leopard, flame prints… It’s impossible not to find what you’re looking for.

Today, as written above, the striking monument belongs to the famous brand Nike.

Why did they become a legend?

Is it even necessary to say a word about this top performance? We’ll do it anyway, for the sake of good order.

We all know that our slippers get both dirty and worn out. But the problem is that we love them and have developed a special bond with them.

The he Converse All Star sneaker is a true classic, an all-time favorite.

It’s impossible not to recognize Chucks when you see them. They are easily recognizable with their simple and trendy design.

And what model should actually be the next? Are there any that can replace our old sneakers through thick and thin? The answer is yes. With this gift idea you can pamper the feet of man, woman and children.

The stroke of genius completely conquered the world the moment it hit the streets.

Whether men or women, everyone can wear Chucks Taylor All Star in all activities of daily life. They are not only aesthetic and stylish, but also provide great comfort when walking.

Even if you’ve grown accustomed to your old, worn-out loafers, you’ll instantly see an upgrade to any look in a pair of brand new shoes.

We love the star logo, the colored lines on the rubber sole and the round white toe.

The classic model is a sure winner for all ages and genders.

The Converse Chucks certainly do not go out of fashion! We will see them on the feet of all sneaker and timeless lovers for a long time.

Plus, it’s easy to incorporate into any everyday look or a casual night out on the town.

Regardless of whether you’re into neutral colors, splashes of color, or perhaps sequins, the brand has a style for you that can signal both style and personality. Their models are the perfect designs for everyday wear and go especially well with a pair of jeans.

Get your pair of Converse All Stars and lay the foundation for the ultimate casual outfit that will earn you plenty of envious looks when you’re chilling with friends at the skate track, on the street or at the coffee shop.

Are Chucks Still In?

Even today, they are certainly one of the most famous sneakers and are worn all over the world. In trend they are since the 1930s, in this time the sport of basketball became Olympic for the first time and thus worldwide more and more famous.

Nice and hip they are every year again and again and they will be seen in everyday life again on the streets around the globe.

With a single outfit to create a variety of interesting looks, ladies can: during the day with a pair of these iconic slippers run simple, basic and cool and then for evening wear the little black dress is combined with the Chucks in black or black.

For women, they go amazingly well with skinny jeans together, a belly crop top or a regular top or shirt garnished. Also a stylish elegant dress or denim shorts with chic tights and combined with a glittery jacket looks great with them.

Men are completely different, they like the iconic splendor pieces especially with long straight cut denim pants or a chino, with a casual t-shirt or a simple printed sweater.

In spring from March, summer from June, in autumn from September or winter from December: the Chucks Taylor All Star can be worn in all four seasons.

Where best to buy chucks cheap online or in store?

You have many ideas ? for shopping this individuality for the feet are suitable both malls, online stores, retail or stores. 
Following is a compilation of shopping options:
Intersport, Sportscheck, stylight, Imwalking, Planet Sports, Ladenzeile, Salamander, Zalando Online, Outfitter, Everysize, cunda, Otto, Limango, Onygo, Snipes, About You, Titus, Ottoversand, Zara, Amazon, Karstadt Galeria, Def-Shop, Bon Prix, Vertbaudet for babies, children, girls and boys, Leiser, Peek and Cloppenburg good for older, Zalando Lounge,, Deichmann, Mirapodo, Goertz, Baur and Footlocker.

What do I need to consider when sizing men’s chucks?

Remember that the Converse size chart for men and women is different for some models. The brand offers unisex models, but also designs and categories specifically designed for women or for men. The typical women’s specimens are 0.5 cm longer than the men’s types. In practice, this means that a size 38 is 25 cm long for a lady and 24.5 cm for a gentleman. So if the design you want to get is a special women’s or men’s specimen, it makes sense to check the size chart first. 
Size EU 38 – 39 – 40 – 41 – 42 – 43 – 44
Sole length gentlemen 24,5 – 25 – 25,5 – 26 – 26,5 – 27 – 27,5
Sole length ladies 25 – 25,5 – 26 – 26,5 – 27 – 27,5 – 28

What size for men’s chucks?

The best-selling Chucks are the unisex models. It follows that in this section there is only one size chart for both sexes. The brand’s size guide uses the following symbols: UK for the UK, EU for Europe and US for the USA. The values for these sizes increase by 0.5 cm per unit. UK size 9 corresponds to size 11 in the US and size 44 in Europe, and the sole length assigned to these measurements is 27.5 cm. This means, for example, that EU size 41 corresponds to an American 9.5 and a UK 7.5, and the sole length is 26 cm.

sole length 23 – 23,5 – 24 – 24,5 – 25 – 25,5 – 26 – 26,5 – 27 – 27,5 – 28

US 6,5 – 7 – 7,5 – 8 – 8,5 – 9 – 9,5 – 10 – 10,5 – 11 – 11,5
UK 4,5 – 5 – 5,5 – 6 – 6,5 – 7 – 7,5 – 8 – 8,5 – 9 – 9,5
EU 35 – 36 -37 – 38 – 39 – 40 – 41 – 42 – 43 – 44 – 45

These fabric slippers still have a great future ahead of them!

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