The most elegant summer outfits & fashion for men and women

Summer, gentlemen and ladies,, we love it and its outfits. Blue sky. The vacations. Ice cream. Trees in bloom. But also the new fashion trends that break with the gray of winter. Here we are in the middle of a heat wave, that sweet time of summer when every minute is a challenge not to turn into a puddle.

Every year a highlight, the trendiest styles and summer outfits for men and women
Getting my summer clothes out of the boxes gives me an undisguised joy every year and I suppose you feel the same way, don’t you?

Sometimes just a little bit is enough to get dressed… The ideal dress for the sultry tropical season – what is it specifically?

It is a light and comfortable dress, preferably flowing in fresh shades and prints!

There are some pieces that I absolutely can not do without from year to year, so I wanted to share the list with you. Timeless and essential items like the denim shorts or the light dress to spend a pleasant summer without asking too many questions and still remain elegant. Because even if the southern heat tends to aggravate our shopping cravings, my vision remains the same and the best is still to build an ideal wardrobe that we want to move to the next year.

After a tour of the essentials, it’s time for a shopping session. In our ladies Summer – wardrobe we slip into the it-pieces of the season. Among them, the square sandals. A holdover from the nineties, these geometrically shaped shoes have been a big hit in recent months. The same goes for the pyramid heels, which are popular with fashion designers around the world.


To beat the heat, here are some tips:

  • Prefer lightweight materials: muslin, cotton, linen. Silk is out, because it is a fabric that does not allow the skin to breathe much and absorbs the traces of sweat.
  • Avoid cuts that are too close to the body in favor of flowing garments that allow for better ventilation.
  • Striped pants will give you a chic and elegant look without overdoing it. You can wear them with a pair of sneakers or sandals. Pay attention to the pattern of your top. It is better to wear a solid color top with striped pants so that the patterns are not overlaid. You will always be on the safe side in the office.
  • More ideas? Reach for open shoes, your closet will thank you.
  • The leopard pattern is a must-have and is still one of the trends this year. It can be worn on different types of clothes like pants, shorts and long dresses. The leopard pattern will bring color and glamour to your summer outfits.
  • If you are afraid of falling into vulgarity with patterned dresses, avoid too tight cuts and prefer flowing dresses and slightly tight pants.
  • Contrary to what you may think, straight cut jeans accentuate your shapes and curves. Wear your jeans with a tank top or crop top and you’re done. It’s up to you to choose the type of rip on your mom jeans. You can also wear mom jeans without any ripping effect. 
What is typical about the summer outfit?

The counterpart to the flowery women’s outfit for spring is the colorful style for the auspicious period. Yellow like sunflowers, orange and purple for magical sunsets, white like the little clouds you can sometimes see, light blue like the sky and dark blue like the sea. It is the season of joy, saturated colors, simple and comfortable clothes. And if we talk about summer fashion, we can only notice the use of natural fabrics that have replaced synthetic fabric confections. 
My ideal summer dress is this pretty dress that I just found at Zara during my trip to Morocco. So I don’t know if you will find it easily, but in any case I totally adopted it! I can move freely in the city, it gives me confidence and shows its effect. 
Its longer side back, fluid and puffy on the sleeves does not fit the body shape for a loose and very bohemian effect.
May, June, July and August are great months for women’s fashion. The colors are dashing, white and black remain chic, and the prints shine with the sun. There’s no question that the most fashionable styles are making a splash as soon as the first rays hit! 
When the heat is on and to bring a little color into play (we don’t want to lie to ourselves!), the tank top is essential. We choose, if possible, a natural (and breathable) material like cotton or linen, and rather in a neutral color like white, beige or nude pink, black or khaki, to match the rest of our elegant wardrobe. It’s also the time to enjoy your pretty silk tank top without having to hide it under a thick vest or jacket. 
Wear it with a pair of open-toed sandals, a straw bag and sunglasses like the ones I’m wearing from Karen Walker, an extraordinary creation! 
And you your ideal summer dress? Go to instagram and hashtag the photo of your dress. 
This year, more than ever, we are focusing on comfort. The heat of the night should not be an obstacle to wear a stylish outfit. We opt for light, flowing and comfortable fabrics. Not to make a mistake, we trust our basic pieces. Crop top, midi skirt, white t-shirt, dungarees, floral dress… We go for our timeless classics with our eyes closed. 
The long, flowy dress is a must-have trend this summer! And it’s not only fashionable, but also an extremely comfortable outfit. What I love most about this one is of course the color – I’m addicted to red, but especially the fact that it’s slit on the side. While it adds a little sexy touch, it also makes you look less hot – which is not insignificant at this time of year.

What do the celebrities wear in summer?

There’s nothing like taking a look at celebrity looks to create an inspired wardrobe. Browse the casual outfits of the most famous fashionistas to choose from. 
Most of them live under the hot California sun, so the stars know a lot about fashion and style. And contrary to what you may think, they are not dressed day and night by a stylist who is only used for red carpet parties and other social occasions. 
When it comes to accessories, the sultry heated months 
make us see life in gold. We pull out our gold jewels and other eye-catching fancies to enhance our outfits. Simple, but very effective. If we’ve been waiting a long time to put our favorite sandals from summer back on, we can’t put our sneakers away. The combo of shorts and sneakers for a walk under the sun always makes something. 
So it seems perfectly conceivable, even sensible, for us to take inspiration from their everyday attire. Because believe it or not, stars dress like us – or almost. 
On Instagram, Pinterest or on tumblr, women in the wind have chosen the corset as their summer piece. In terms of accessories, the bob or the bandana will again be a part of our beach looks. To protect ourselves and enhance our looks, the retro trend is finally conquering our sunglasses. We love it!

What clothes go best with summer?

The plain suit. 
Practical and easy to put on, it is the timeless garment par excellence. The suit has the merit of dressing us in a single gesture, without having to worry about matching a top and a bottom. It is the perfect piece for those who do not want to make the effort. To create the maximum of looks, from casual to dressy, we opt for a simple and well-cut model, if possible solid colors!

For vacation or for those casual days when you go to work, the chic jumpsuit is a classic that is in fashion this summer. Short cuts and floral patterns are preferred for leisure, while long pantsuits in solid colors are more likely to be worn for special occasions. The fabric is just as important as the cut. It can transform a smart suit from casual to dressy. Satin, lace and chiffon are popular fabrics for wedding guest wear. Find your style of suit – different ideas on how to wear her outfit.

We like… the long bohemian skirt, the Spanish top to expose our bare shoulders to the sun, the dress decorated with a tropical pattern, the denim shorts that go from the city to the beach, all plain or printed tops, the jewelry, that takes on colors, the sandals and espadrilles that mix beautifully with the summer looks, the swimsuits that are ready to dive into the crystal clear water, the hats and sunglasses that are absolutely essential in the hot season!

The satin skirt also made a big comeback this year. And of course I took pictures! Indeed, it is a light, comfortable and very feminine material. You can wear 
it both for a casual look – like here – and for a more formal look, combining it with dressy pieces – small heels and tops.

Graphic or flowered, long or short, in silk or denim, the little dress remains, like us, the fashionable figurehead of celebrities. Practical and chic at the same time, it allows them to beat the heat in style while showing off their dream legs, which, let’s not forget, were shaped with the undeniable help of a dedicated sports trainer. But anyway, let’s move on.

Wearing a flowing, comfortable, romantic dress can almost always put you in a good mood. Long bohemian chic dresses are a favorite. Bohemian outfits have become a classic for July and August. They have established themselves as a symbol of summer in recent years and can be seen everywhere. For evenings by the sea or for a walk in the historical place, this is the garment that inspires many of us.

This year the emphasis is on comfort. Sportswear can be worn as casual wear. You see celebrities experimenting 
with yoga pants, a short top and a cozy jacket as a heeren outfit for flying. The trend of sportswear as daywear is nicely taken up in the new collection of the famous fashion house of Chanel.They presented a pair of cycling shorts combined with one of their high-end jackets. This kind of shorts was reserved for sportswomen. But nowadays you can see them everywhere. Combined with a fanny pack fashion inspiration, casual chic and sportswear for active people – an idea for a modern women’s summer outfitLet yourself be 
inspired and pick through all these creations. 
Rising temperatures, crowded terraces, longer days… The signs are unmistakable: The warm sun is here. And even though the vacation outlook has changed a bit this year, there’s no question that we’re setting aside our favorite looks. It’s time to update your wardrobe
The other tropical fashion gimmick spotted on the stars is, unsurprisingly, accessories. Whether for style reasons or to avoid the paparazzi’s radar, they wear and abuse XXL and Panama sunglasses of all kinds, the hiking vacation is saved. What is remarkable, however, is that they always have the latest fashionable it-bag on their arm, whether they want to go incognito or not. 
Colorful, bohemian, elegant, comfortable, this is the spirit of summer trends. We can take its adjectives as keywords that describe this season’s trends. It’s not just about swapping spring pants and flowered blazers with dresses and swimwear. That’s part of the equation. And it’s probably an important part. But in fact, summer dresses aren’t limited to the various options you have for a romantic dress perfect for walks by the sea. Overalls, casual shorts, safari-style clothing and even sportswear are entering our closets as essential pieces for street style.

Where is the best place to shop?

For their summer outfit ideas are suitable both stores in retail, in the mall or online shopping. 
Here is a store selection: 
Zalando Online, Zara, About You, Bon Prix, Otto, Orsay, Amazon, H&M, Deichmann, C&A, Ottoversand, Primark, cunda and especially the Zara Sale.