The fashionable autumn outfits for men and women

Autumn, Indian summer, mid-season, whatever you call it, ladies and gentlemen, the outfit needs to be adjusted and so October becomes the month of all dangers for our wallets! Stores call us with their brand new windows, bloggers seduce us with their fall outfits and Pinterest, Tumblr & Instagram take care of the rest and we succumb with more or less bad conscience.

Just because the runways are closed doesn’t mean designers are running out of inspiration. Quite the opposite!

It’s the middle of August and yet some days it doesn’t feel like summer. The temperatures vary a lot. In the morning and evening it feels like autumn and in the afternoon like summer!

The only positive point is that it prepares us for the arrival of autumn and we can get out our clothes in the middle of the season!

This year’s series of events has sparked a surge of creativity that should explode styles. Fall winter trends this year: a mix of materials, cuts, genres and references that bring a liberating breath of fresh air.

Because September, October and November will soon be officially here.  So it’s time to bring out the clouds and talk about the women’s fashion trends for the upcoming season!

The tops of this autumn-winter season: puffed sleeves, very enveloping volumes and bright colors. As for inspiration, at Victoria Beckham you will find bold, even eye-catching tones and at others flowing lengths in neutral colors selected before closing.

This Indian summer should allow you to fit your little grain of madness in the way you want, where you want it.

Dressing for the transitional season can be tricky. Here are some must-have pieces for the off-season. Get inspired here to make the most of your style.


To get through the cooler months, here are some tips:

  • To stay stylish even in zero degrees, adapt your exterior to the trends of autumn &winter. And to make sure you don’t make a mistake, rework your classics and go for the appropriate colors, which we will discuss in more detail below.
  • The key to success for wearing summer outfits in the fall? Layering! Layers are layered, like thick tights under lightweight shorts or a warm jacket over a floral dress. I love the mix of textures that comes from combining the two seasons!
  • I really like dressing for vintage because I love layering. I find that this season I can be so much more creative with color and material combinations and accessories
  • With these inspirations, you can create new looks you might not have thought of, and most importantly, save a lot of money!
  • Always the big dilemma at the beginning of the season, which jacket should I choose? A jacket that is not too warm, we are not in winter, but would a light jacket protect us from the cold of autumn? The only solution is to buy several jackets. Except that our sweetheart or even our banker, unless he is both at the same time, will not agree. Lack of space, tight budget and other expenses to consider….
  • Shopping is in full swing and the stores are full of the perfect clothes for the cooler days that the seasons bring. What should I wear to my friend’s birthday or wedding? To the office, a job interview or a hiking vacation? But we still have part of summer to enjoy! As summer comes to an end, why not spice up your look with clothes and accessories you can wear throughout the fall? It’s a great way to expand your summer wardrobe and kick off the seasonal transition.
  • You combine to find your style. With the winter shoes you match the trendy bag of the moment. You choose a pantsuit, very trendy again this winter, which you choose in a bright color like fuchsia or yellow.
What clothes fit in the fall?

You can’t imagine how excited I am for the cooler, wintry temperatures in Paris! I’ve been looking forward to wearing my fall outfits for weeks now, but the almost summer weather has kept me away.But it looks like it’s finally time to break out 
the sweaters, vests, jackets, coats and scarves.

The leather jacket
More and more leather is being overtaken by perfectly imitated and less controversial materials. We’re not just talking about the Perfect Leather type leather jacket, or rather, the leather effect can be worn anywhere! 
The leather jacket is a must-have piece for the mid-season, especially in the post-summer for a trendy rock look also of a man. When temperatures are still high, it can be worn for night outings or outdoor dinners. Ladies take your favorite summer outfit, throw on a leather jacket and pumps and you have the perfect mid-season look.

The little black dress
Or the little black dress in a leather version in a rebellious look. 
This is one of my favorite pieces. Once arrived in September, it never leaves me, I wear it with everything: dress, skirt, jeans, shorts 
This season, dare! Put on an eccentric dress in electric colors or the burgundy faux leather mini skirt, assert your character with the slim pants. The choice is yours…

A cardigan
This year you can put together a masculine feminine style with many options. 
Cardigans are your best friends during this time. They are a staple in an October November wardrobe, but you can easily dress them up with a summer look to make them more appropriate when the weather drops. You can wear them with your favorite summer dress or with jeans, a tank top and closed-toe shoes.
Take one or two basics to combine, simple shirt, plain t-shirt, oversized striped blazer…and balance the formal, masculine side with your personal touch. Combine, for example, with the aforementioned cardigan.

An accessory that looks like you, a pair of pumps, a bold lipstick, an ultra-large piece of jewelry… Or vice versa: sneakers and masculine accessories to dive deeper into the style. 
But also remember: „ladylike“ is a concept. A notion of so-called feminine behavior based on elegant manners, refinement and sophistication. It affects the person’s attitude as well as their image and style. 
In terms of clothing fashion, it is the direct opposite of a masculine feminine style. Instead, you will find very gender-specific pieces, references to the classic beauty canon, a pronounced waistline, strict draping and elegant materials that emphasize or even accentuate the feminine curves.

A jeans or denim jacketThe 
jeans. the simple, the timeless, the wonderful. The one we love on lazy mornings, the one that helps us in all occasions, the best friend of our blazers. 
The denim jacket is another great way to make a summer outfit more fall-appropriate. A great piece to complement a dress, pants or shorts for a casual look!

The BlazerLike 
jeans, jacket or blazer will be your best friend in all circumstances. 
Whether solid color or printed, the jacket will accompany you in all occasions. This essential piece fits all body shapes. 
With jeans for a casual look, with a dress or flowing pants for the evening. 
If you only need one, I would recommend the timeless black or navy blazer. I have a slight preference for navy blue, which adds a softer touch to your look.

A trench coatI 
couldn’t make a comment on basics without mentioning the trench coat. Elegant piece par excellence. So you can wear your favorite summer outfit even when the weather gets cooler. 
You can be a little underdressed, put on a trench coat and you’re saved! 
For a more casual, chic style, opt for the trench coat.

There are all kinds of models, and for all shapes. If you are short, prefer a 3/4 trench, which will make you look better than a longer model. 
It is light and comfortable to wear. You can wear it with jeans like a dress. 
The most worn is the beige trench coat, which will never go out of fashion. But you can also wear it in color or dare the printed trench coat. Again, it all depends on your personality and preferences.

And to be elegant, don’t forget the pumps. If you want a more casual look, wear it with sneakers. 
What I liked about a trench coat was its microfiber and suede material, which gives it a flowy fall. I wear it with Elora pants from the old collection with fine stripes. 
As you have been told here before, the trench coat 
is your best ally this season. 
So we’ll tell you again: the elegant trench coat is your style trump card for the fall-winter season. It will enhance any of your outfits, even the simplest sweatpants.

Linen dresses, jackets or shirts. 
It’s a common misconception that linen is a summer fabric. Not at all! Here we would like to point out that linen is an excellent choice for all seasons.

Based on basic principles of superior quality, impeccable design and durability, linen dresses or shirts will be a great addition to your current wardrobe. They are versatile, practical, elegant and timeless. Whether you’re looking for new workwear or basics you can wear to any occasion, take a look at these great pieces. 
Wear them with tights, boots and a jacket and you‚ll have no problem going from the office to a party. In cold weather it will look great if you wear it with a thick sweater over skinny jeans. 
Or even a linen jacket. Whether you need a long coat light enough to tuck away when the sun comes up or a short blazer style 
jacket, the new linen jackets are made for you. Lightweight but warm, durable and chic, they bring a new dimension to your fall wardrobe.

The mini skirt 
The mini skirt, a strong symbol of the 1960s and women’s liberation, is back in use. As you have already been told, this season is an opportunity to take responsibility for yourself, to shout to the world who you are, how you feel and how you see yourself.

For mid-season, moccasins and boots are a must! You can easily start wearing moccasins now to replace sandals. I love wearing them with short skirts, dresses and even shorts. As with boots, they will instantly give your look a more fall look and feel. Of course, you can also wear them with shorts or a dress and a leather or denim jacket!

What colors do I wear in the fall?

Following on from the trends of summer, September, October or November will be loaded 
with earthy natural tones. The advantage is that you can already start mixing pieces from your summer wardrobe and part of your fall outfit! 
As for other colors for the fall season, venture into brick red, nude beige, purple, yellow, khaki or powder pink. Currently we see life in pink with fuschia and alliances between the different shades of pink. Pink, red, purple … yes, these colors can be combined! 
But for the shy, you can always opt for gray, blue, black and white.
Black leather
As a long coat for a matrix ambience or as a biker with a short jacket and matching pants; black leather is a must-have in our closets this fall. It can be both feminine and punky, depending on the cut, and will never go out of style.
Or you can opt for silver. 
Shine like a diamond, see how the lights reflect on your clothes and attract attention thanks to your boldness. These are the sensations that women expect when you dare to be silver. A lightweight outfit that is easy to wear in understated suits or as a long dress for the night version. Lamé, crystals, rhinestones … one thing is for sure, you will be the queen of the evening
Velvet, always. This material is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for designers. This season we find black velvet, especially on the classic little black dress. 
Or the red, after all. A bright and vibrant color par excellence, charged with symbolism and power, you will find red everywhere this year. 
From a touch of bright red that flashes in your outfit to the color block, the choice is yours. Get inspired by 
the creations, blazers or a lush overall look. 
Now you know what pieces to add to enjoy your summer wardrobe as long as possible until fall! And if you don’t have what you need in your closet, that’s a great excuse to go shopping. 
Have a great end of summer! Enjoy it, it goes by so fast!

Where is the best place to shop?

For their fall outfit ideas are suitable both stores and online shopping. 
Here is a selection of stores:
Zara, Otto, About You, Zalando Online, Amazon, C&A, H&M, Primark, Bon Prix, Orsay, Deichmann, Ottoversand, cunda and of course the Zara Sale.