The chic winter outfits & fashion for men and women

That’s it gentlemen and ladies, after a mild autumn, now it’s the turn of the winter outfit, and the least we can say is that every year he comes suddenly and forces us to change our entire wardrobe in a hurry. In fact, the time in December is ideal to renew your wardrobe and buy quality pieces at a more affordable price, so you would be wrong not to take advantage of it.

That’s it, winter is as good as here, judging by the current temperatures.

The cool season rhymes with cozy sweaters, trendy coats and high-heeled boots. I assure you, cold season fashion is much better than summer looks.

So I’m taking this opportunity to give a quick review of the peculiarities of these cool months and explain why you’ll prefer winter clothes to summer clothes. As always, the rest of the info is available on Pinterest, Instagram or tumblr.

I know many of you hate this season, but it’s still very interesting in terms of features.

The difficulty in figuring out how to dress well in December, January and February lies in the requirements for materials. In summer, small, light and inexpensive pieces can make an impression on us women.

Winter allows to have a little more fun with their outfit, as the season forces you to wear more on your back.  You can put several layers on top of each other, the famous „layering“, try many different combinations (dress + tights, shorts + tights) and enjoy the many accessories of winter, such as hats, large scarves, socks.

With no transition, it’s therefore also time for men to get out sweaters, scarves, warm socks and coats to brave the cold without getting sick!

In winter, the thickness of the materials requires a much higher quality to guarantee an elegant fit and fall. If you choose a cheap getup, you will go out of fashion and most importantly, you will freeze…


To brave the cold and snow here are some tips:

  • Protect your extremities: All joggers know it, in winter, in order not to feel the cold, it is imperative to protect the head, hands and feet. They are in fact sources of loss of body heat. Therefore, do not leave home without a good pair of gloves, a hat and a good pair of shoes and socks that are very warm. As soon as the temperatures start to drop, you’ll be happy to get out your beloved coat, won’t you?
  • Wear warm materials: fleece, hemp, cotton, wool: warm sweaters and thick coats are some of the best fashion pieces in our wardrobe.
  • Wear warm and comfortable materials and prefer ecological materials. Avoid viscose and polyester, which can make you sweat. Besides the opportunity to put on layers and try new looks, winter allows us to be more stylish and wear comfortable clothes at the same time.
  • If your skin is wet: it’s certainly a cold! Also invest in a warm and waterproof parka.
  • Wear several layers of clothing: Layers keep the cold from seeping in. In fact, January is the perfect time to practice the layering trend: You pile layers by shapes, prints and materials to create a stylish outfit.
  • So instead of a huge wool sweater, it is better to wear a long-sleeved T-shirt and two thin sweaters. This makes it possible to cover yourself well, but also to have the possibility to undress in case of heat stroke.
  • Speaking of cozy clothes: February is also an opportunity to wear your favorite turtlenecks. Combined with a pretty lipstick, the turtleneck shows a glamorous and sexy side.
  • At least you can always take off a diaper layer during the day if it’s a little too warm! So multiple layers are a must to stay warm. So much for the 3 principles to apply. Also, don’t forget to drink well and eat a balanced diet, moisturize your face regularly and exercise.
What is typical about the winter outfit?

Today we get out of the usual pre-sale wish list (a moment of silence for my savings). The cold is here, judging by the current temperatures, we need to get ready for it. The mission of winter basics is to keep warm.

The whole difficulty of looks and therefore finding the right basics that dress us beautifully and at the same time fulfill their main task, which is to protect us from the cold. 
Imagine: big sweaters made of cashmere or wool, fluffy vests and warm wool dresses. The best thing about these fashionable pieces is that they are often stylish and right on trend. Isn’t life beautiful?

And it is quite possible to stay stylish at the moment, provided, of course, that you choose things carefully! 
In short, you get the picture, I’m loving this season and looking forward to getting the basics out of my closet!

And yes, what’s the point of buying clothes at this time of year when it comes to keeping warm, I ask you… I love winter, but I’m not crazy either, I hate being cold! 
If you live in the northern half of Europe, I’m sure you’ll agree that there is one main intention: to keep us warm!

My girlfriends often ask me the question: what are the basics that we should have in the wardrobe now? Inspired by the current trend, I make my choice. In a perfect world, any room will do. 
And unlike my girlfriends, I’m willing to give up a little style as long as I’m warm… without falling into the baggy look, let’s not take it too far.

In December, even more than Christmas and hot chocolate, we love to wrap up in comfy and cozy clothes. 
So here is my little non-exhaustive list of winter outfits. You’ll see that I’m not really innovating, just applying a few common sense rules that you should remember sometimes.

Another advantage of the snow: trendy coats. The main component of our look, it gives attraction and stylizes our style. We choose simple to wear it every day or original to spice up an outfit too plain.

You’ve probably noticed the knitwear that frays, pills and stretches to create the most beautiful effect! In other words, the stingy does not forgive and you have to start all over again next year.

What colors suit winter?

Play monochrome to lengthen the silhouette. 
In winter, there is a risk that the silhouette will be widened and compressed by the thickness of the clothes. To balance the volume effect of winter fabrics, it is a good idea to opt for monochrome to visually refine the silhouette and gain appeal.

How to dress well the freezing cold: dare to wear bright colors
In winter, we need to be lighter than ever, because we can not shine in the bright sunshine. So it is very elegant to highlight the dark colors and awaken the complexion with the radiance of light clothes.

This season we tend to „hibernate“ on all levels, including style. We are quickly overtaken by the single goal of being warm and the question of pace takes a back seat. As in any period, what you wear depends on the weather, temperature and current trends. 
The majority of women think that it is more complicated to have style in winter and this is the demotivation in front of the closet! Who is not tempted to wrap up without thinking, while impatiently waiting for spring! However, some clothes are more suitable for this season than others, especially when it comes to keeping
 you warm and stylish.

Come my dear ladies, we are not giving up because the snow is not over yet! So go for it and follow this article to tame the cold in style Ideal is to prepare your outfit the day before for the next day.

What clothes are suitable for winter?

When the frosty phase approaches, it is necessary to review your wardrobe. No more T-shirts, summer jackets and canvas shoes, make way for wool coats, lined parkas, knitted hats and twisted sweaters. To accompany you in this quest, we have selected everything you need to keep warm. Ribbed hats, wool coats, leather hiking boots and all the other necessary accessories to keep you warm before the return of the beautiful days.

The leather jacket
The leather jacket is one of the decidedly masculine pieces that a man can wear well when the temperatures drop. You dare… The second possible investment, the second timeless investment that will make you frown. But leather jackets are also great for windbreakers. It can be worn in many different ways, for this winter it is enough to put it over a turtleneck sweater for a smart casual style or a hooded sweatshirt for a relaxed effect. But if you need an alternative to a plain suit: opt for black jeans with leather inserts!

The Caban coatI 
may advocate minimalism in the wardrobe, but I admit I’m a sucker for coats, especially nice structured wool coats. The caban, defined as a coat with cross-over zippers, is a valuable ally during the unsociable months. Whether for going to the office or meeting a date, the raincoat is a safe option for many occasions. For a smart casual effect, wear it with jeans and a navy jacket; if you want a more worked look, wear it over a suit.

Black or blue jeans
You can almost never go wrong when choosing basics, and that includes black jeans. I don’t need to introduce them to you, jeans are worn all over the world and are probably already your favorite pair of pants. It’s a piece that everyone should have in their closet, whether it’s casual, smart casual, professional, rock or any other choice. In short, the basic pants, for those who do not want to wake up in a hurry! 
To add a little contrast to your look, you can wear a nubuck jacket and shoes in the same color. Or you can also play the „total black“ style. 
Good, because their navy or black color goes with most winter outfits.

The Denim Shirt 
The denim shirt is a real must-have in your closet. It can be worn closed over your crew neck sweater or open over a t-shirt and under a loose cardigan. It is very practical and can be paired with many garments worn in a thousand different ways. And brings a little touch of denim to your outfit. Wear these shirts over black or gray pants or leggings, but avoid raw denim jeans.
Choose it timeless: snap buttons and indigo denim fabric.

The denim jacket
It will not surprise you if you are a regular reader of the blog, the denim jacket is more current than ever. It is perfect for those who like to practice 
casual and relaxed look. It’s also a great tool for practicing layering as the mercury continues to drop. You can easily pair it with a pair of chinos or black jeans for a smart-casual effect, as well as a turtleneck or chunky knit sweater.

The dress
Many of us find that the dress + tights duo is warmer than jeans or pants and I have to say, I agree! I wear less dresses than I used to for practical reasons, but I think a nice dress looks great with plain tights. 
The long sleeve dress is a nice winter basic if she chooses it plain or at least rather sober to be able to test many different looks with boots, sneakers, a big cardigan. I have a preference for short dresses, but the midday lengths are a good bulwark against the cold and beautiful with a nice pair of boots with heels.

The wool coat 
When the temperature drops, it’s a good time to put on the wool coat. I’m a sucker for oversized coats. Warm and particularly aesthetic, it’s an essential item for anyone who cares about their appearance. It comes in a variety of colors and lengths that you can customize to your liking. 
I can wear my different layers without it being too tight. They add nonchalance to any look. And with a sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers, the effect is remarkable. To match your wardrobe, you can go for rough colors like navy blue, gray or camel. Warm up. And if you want your coat to add some texture to your look, you can choose a mottled fabric.

The leather skirt
Why I’m including the skirt back among the standards? First, because it’s a piece I love, but mostly because leather skirts or shorts are dresses you can only wear with tights… so they should be used in the ice age. Or in the fall and early spring, but hey, you get the idea. Without tights, it’s much less pretty and especially less chic. I don’t have a leather skirt, I have leather shorts, and I personally wouldn’t risk wearing them without tights. 
The leather skirt or shorts are very easy to combine, they are nice pieces with a white shirt, a silk blouse, a cashmere sweater, a small fine turtleneck. They are also solid pieces that require little maintenance and can be kept for a very long time.

Trendy shoes
Whether summer or winter, shoes have an important place in our wardrobe and in our hearts. And the cool season is the ideal time to choose the 
new pair of trendy shoes that will accompany us through the frost. 
Boots, booties, moccasins, waders and even lined sneakers, the choice of footwear is extremely wide. We opt for low boots with a mini skirt and wool tights and a pair of waders with square heels with vintage jeans and an oversized blazer
In no time, the winter shoe signals your fashion credibility. And we love it!

The pair of bootsboots 
or booties are the ultimate accessory for your winter outfits. Leather boots are a staple for the snow, especially Chelsea boots, which have the advantage of being flat and all-terrain. And for good reason, because not only do they add a lot of style to your look, but they are also very comfortable and adapted to cold and wet climates. They are our best allies when hiking in the cold season because they have the advantage of being warm, well covered and waterproof. 
Whether it’s a pair of work boots, Chelsea boots or others (the list is long), boots are the right footwear for this winter
And Chelsea boots are less likely to slip in the rain or ice than heeled boots! I won’t tell you again how much I love Chelsea boots, I invite you to read or re-read my article on Chelsea boots.

The sweater 
The sweater is undoubtedly the most important piece of clothing after the coat. Difficult to make his choice, so much the offer is wide and varied. In fact, there are all cuts, oversize, body-hugging, made of all materials (wool, acrylic, cashmere) in all colors (blue, brown, green) and in the most varied textures.

The great knit sweater 
The cold season is finally the opportunity to wear our thick knit sweaters. Especially warm, they use all their talent to protect us from the elements and bring style to our outfits. Their relief allows us to add texture to our style and play with light. It is particularly suitable for layering, but be careful to follow the rules in this area.

The tights
Beautiful tights are essential to wear your layers of dresses and skirts. There are many pretty shades that will show off your legs to their best advantage. Semi-opaque black tights are a basic, but consider other colors like dark gray, mottled gray, camel, nude, burgundy.

Belt as an accessory 
With the belt you can cross and tighten any jacket/pancho/coat. Trendy look and warmth gain guaranteed! If you want to add structure and glamour to a somewhat loose coat, add a belt. 
You can also add warmth with a stole or scarf, directly on the top or over the coat. However, it is also ideal to „fiter“ a large sweater or cardigan over a dress or skirt.

hats and shaw is just like shoes, trendy accessories 
are very important for the winter look. Don’t hesitate to layer your scarves and shawls side by side to mix textures and protect your neck from the cold. Maxi scarves, head scarves, belts, tights, big socks, etc. 
Try to stay in color harmonies and create volume by layering! A beanie, for example, provides protection from the cold, but also hides a bad hair day. It’s more complicated in the summer, isn’t it?

A small shoulder bag we love. 
The handles that fall off or off the shoulder, I don’t believe it anymore! The shoulder strap is an ally. He is the friend of overlays and hands that intertwine to keep warm. In winter, the bag must be small to contrast with the thickness of the materials. Also structured to bring geometry to the silhouettes. It is attached to the coats and contains just the right things: keys, cell phone, CB and Labelo.

How to wear your summer clothes in winter?

Do you have little flowy tops, printed dresses or pretty summer skirts that you love? Don’t give up on them when the temperatures drop, wear them if you follow my few style tips. Now you hold all the cards to deal with sub-zero temperatures.

The Art of Layering
The solution is layering clothes to keep you warm, but also because layering brings maximum style. By mixing textures and colors, you create a unique and „rich“ style. 
Of course, you should be able to juggle between different textures, but once the concept is understood, it’s quite simple.

If you create overlap in a certain part of your silhouette, make sure you make the rest of the silhouette more flowy by wearing fitted clothing. For example, if you’re wearing layers on top, you should wear simple, tight-fitting pants on the bottom.

If you’re wearing a skinny or tight garment, wear it with another straight or loose piece, and conversely, if you’re wearing a loose piece underneath, add a more curved or tight piece on top. A cardigan, for example, is ideal worn over a small silk dress or a cotton t-shirt. If you’re the type who gets very cold, there’s nothing stopping you from wearing a thin vest underneath that won’t show. Add a scarf and a pair of semi-opaque tights, socks and low boots and get ready to face autumn!

For example, if you want to wear your slim summer dress, wear it with an oversized cardigan. On the other hand, if you want to wear a flowy dress, add a body hugging crew neck sweater.

The slim round neck sweater, in a basic tone like gray, cream, navy blue or a beautiful fall color like khaki, burgundy or camel, made of a warm material like cashmere is a must in your closet. You can also choose it or opt for one.

Layering tip: It’s all about balance. Wear this over your summer dresses to give them a new style! You’ll only let the skirt of your dress show through and feel like you have a new piece of clothing. You can also wear it over a plain shirt with the collar and end of the shirt peeking out.

Where is the best place to shop?

For their winter outfit ideas are suitable both retail, malls, stores or online shopping. 
Following a store compilation: 
Zara, H&M, Zalando Online, cunda, About You, Bon Prix, Ottoversand, Primark, Amazon, Deichmann, Otto, Orsay, C&A and in January the Zara Sale.