Elegant Blue Dresses » Long and knee length.

A blue dress in your wardrobe, it is one of the colors that women do not often wear, but it gives a unique style and presence! For this occasion, there are complete collections of pretty ultramarine designs for women selected that you can wear depending on your look, the current trends and your shape.

After the rain, the good weather and azure sky! Timeless and chic, it is the favorite color of many people! Between the pastel, sky blue and light blue tones, more classic, we will never be without an appropriate appearance.

As a symbol of challenge, glamor, attractiveness, femininity and glamor, dear ladies and ladies, these masterpieces are available in infinite variations (long sleeve, knee-length, short, two-piece, in cotton, in linen, in viscose, with corsage, with slit, with sleeve, with train, with lace, calf-length, white or black or also maxi xxl large sizes for chubby in 42, 44, 46, 48 &. 50) available for both small and large festive occasions, eg in long blue.


  • It is the fashionable garment that we mostly wear in summer or at the end of the hot season because of its color. But not only! You can wear an azure attraction on various occasions that require a chic and sophisticated outfit.
  • It embodies the escape, the invitation to travel, the sea. You get it, we have a pretty clear opinion on the matter! With cult colors like navy blue, royal blue or sky blue, perfect for pastel fans, it’s the tone that suits all looks.
  •  Discover a complete collection that will sublimate your silhouette to wear the perfect dress that will highlight your shapes. You will be able to discover showpieces in different sizes and with different cuts to find the model of your dreams. Straight, fitted, short or long, you can choose the cut that suits you.
  • To choose the perfect les bleus, find the shade that shows off your complexion. Navy blue splurges go well with lighter skin tones, while light blue creations accentuate darker skin tones. Also play with colors by choosing cotton for everyday wear and lace for ceremonies and special occasions.
  • For those who want to dare something very special in the best quality, there are elegant chic sometimes gold and silver shell in a variety of models and patterns (eg backless, mermaid, short in front and long in the back, off the shoulder, vintage, plus size maternity, pink, petrol or deep v neckline,) that make us happy.
  • For a more casual and contemporary style, you will also find a selection of blue denim dresses, trendy and light, perfect for a night out on the town. For hot summer days? Wear a printed composition in a fluid and light material, perfect for the season.
  • In a long version during the day and in a mini to go to the club in the evening, her outfit will follow you in all your adventures of the season. Electric blue and satin or with lace, it’s hard to go wrong. In a work of art like this, no one has the blues this year. Promise kept.

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Whether you are going to the wedding of your best friends or to the next party in Berlin, there is the style of your dreams among all the trends of this year: straight, long, light blue, midi, midnight, figure-hugging or comfortable, high-necked or low-cut.

Switch into romance mode this season! What could be more appealing to the eye than this color? There are some pretty ideas that will make your heart beat faster this weekend, some skater dresses that will make you twirl and show off your pretty legs, some figure-hugging gift ideas that will show off your curves, and some with wide necklines that will draw all eyes to your bare shoulders.

Do you have a wedding or baptism? Discover this tribute to femininity for these unique occasions and adopt a trendy and chic look.

Embrace our favorite color and cause a little ruckus by wearing it straight down from the sky. What are you waiting for? Hurry up!

The pieces are available in every price range for women from cheap to exclusive, online in stores, retail or even in outlets and ebay as second hand.

For a night out with your girlfriends, dark blue dresses are a must, especially if you want to impress your friends. For accessories, go for gold bracelets, white, purple or black bags and especially yellow scarves. You will be number 1!

Where best to buy cheap online or in store?

For their blue ideas are suitable both online shopping, malls, retail, or stores. 
Following is a store compilation:
Zara, About You, H&M, Madeleine, s oliver, Zalando Online, cunda, Bon Prix, Asos, Ottoversand, Amazon, Karstadt Galeria, Esprit, Primark especially for teens and teenagers, Hennes and Mauritz, Vertbaudet for babies, children, girls and boys, Peek and Cloppenburg good for older, Heine, Orsay, Deichmann, Otto, C&A and in the sale the Zara Sale.

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