The fancy and elegant ladies t-shirt » black or white, oversized, sport, short, long.

Comfortable, easy to combine and timeless, the women’s t-shirt is both a basic and a real fashion accessory!

There are clothes that bridge the times with ease. Tee shirt design for women is one of the examples.

Year after year, it has evolved from a neutral and classic accessory to an absolutely feminine fashion piece for everyday life. There are top brands such as Adidas, Nike and Puma, especially specialized in sports T-shirts. The labels Tommy Hilfinger, Esprit, Amoretu, Champion or even Levis produce these items, as original basic, oversized or also luxury T-shirts. 
It is a typical American garment, became more and more feminine over the years and is now an integral part of our wardrobe, this creation is indispensable to find in every woman’s closet.

For the difficult mornings, during the week, at work, opt for a beautiful simple appearance! Its loose fit allows you to spend a nice day, with a more pleasant comfort than if you were in a shirt or blouse.


  • Reach for the short or long sleeved models or the tops and tank tops, plain or printed pieces, with round or V-neck that will bring a touch of pizzazz and softness to your outfits. Worn under a blazer, you will remain very professional and presentable. For evenings and weekends, it will suit you perfectly.
  • It is available in all wardrobes, easy to put on and offers a wide variety of variants. You can find it in loose fitting or tight fitting styles. You choose your style according to the outfit you want to wear with it. Also take into account your body type.
  • A tank top perfect for a weekend away. A top with thin straps to bask in the sun. A printed camisole to feminize a suit jacket. Every women’s top has its own style, every women’s t-shirt, for example the oversized variant, tries to make a difference. Whether you go to the celebration of your best friends or to the next wedding in Berlin, there are shine of your dreams among all the trends of this year: straight, figure-hugging or comfortable, midnight, beige, long, old pink, mango, midi, low-cut or high-necked.
  • It varies its appearance. You can change it to your liking by simply changing the way you wear it. Want to create a casual look? Tie your top tightly at the side. This will have the effect of marking your waist.
  • We notice the appearance of pretty details: a few grams of lace, a row of pleats on the collar, plus romantic ruffles, tone-on-tone embroidery anglaise, a little bow, a few pearly beads… In cotton, bi-material, silk or satin, the tops and tee-shirts are reinvented every season, taking inspiration from fashion.
  •  You can also tuck it into your pants, either fully or partially. This will give you a falsely casual look. This impression is further enhanced by the bootcut jeans rolled up at the bottom. For a classic look, opt for a cotton model. For a modern look, prefer new materials and an original neckline.

More info

The women’s t-shirt is infinitely versatile, and no matter what your style or occasion, you will always find the right piece. Whether at work or in the evening, the artwork is no longer reserved exclusively for your casual outfits, it can be worn in all situations.

They look good with a skirt. No matter what shape it has, the skirt will be highlighted. If the collar is V-shaped, put on a short or long blazer. For more sensuality, choose a wide neckline that reveals one of your shoulders.

Variety is a must when it comes to this gift idea. This allows us to offer original cuts and shades. One of the main differences is the neckline.

The round neck is a must have. Unisex, it can be easily worn over a skirt or pants. You can wear it under a shirt or a blazer. The v-neck is feminine. It is particularly suitable for products that are slightly close to the body to emphasize the silhouette.

A timeless piece of the wardrobe. The t-shirt with V-neck is gladly decorated with jewelry. The long-sleeved top goes well with jeans. The hooded shirt scores with a 90s sportswear style. Lingerie tops, silk tops or short-sleeved tops feminize cargo pants.

The round neckline is also popular. It is stylish and original. Choose a simple model. It will bring out the broad shoulders. It is also elegant with hair tied up. This will emphasize the base of the neck.

Comfortable and easy to mix and match, it’s the perfect piece when you don’t know what to wear, or when you want to adopt a trendy style without overdoing it.

As a symbol of attractiveness, feminine energy, femininity, charm combined with simplicity, dear ladies and ladies, this fashion epic is available in an infinite number of also fancy variations (short, long sleeve, knee-length, two-piece, made of cotton, made of linen, made of viscose, with slit, with sleeves, with lace, with corsage, white or black or also maxi xxl large sizes for chubby in 42, 44, 46, 48 & 50).

Various colors

The color is the other important criterion for the decision.

The copies are also available in special colors such as dark blue, red, dark green, blue, cream, champagne, bordeaux or even pastel.

The white T-shirt is a true fashion icon in its own right. Timeless and infinitely adaptable, it goes with all your outfits and is a real ally.

Take into account the associated outfit and your skin tone.

Worn with jeans, under a long cardigan and accompanied by a pretty necklace, it allows you to get an elegant and casual outfit in all simplicity.

It is proof that simple and basic things are essential to complete a look.

It’s the kind of piece that every woman needs to have in her closet, in every season and regardless of the trends of the moment.

The pieces are available in every price range for women from cheap to exclusive, online in the store, as second hand in the auction on ebay, also in retail, sale or outlet.

Also, the advantages of the black T-shirts are no longer visible. Not only can it be combined with all your clothes, but also ideal for the generous silhouettes.

The blacks have become a timeless fashion classic. Season after season, collection after collection, it is not fixed to one collection and always reinvents itself for your pleasure.

In addition to the timeless models, this creation comes in a variety of colors and prints, cuts and finishes: plain or patterned, with claudine collar or boat neck, it can be endlessly renewed while maintaining its comfort and casualness.

If it is patterned, it will go well with all the colors of your outfit.

For those who dare to venture something special in the best quality, there are elegant chic sometimes gold and silver shirts in a variety of patterns and models (eg oversized, backless, mermaid, vintage, plus size maternity fashion deep v neckline,, pink, petrol, front short and back long or off the shoulder ) that make us happy.

On this trendy side, it is still very popular with a message. With it you can express your personality, bring a touch of humor or poetry to your outfit or even send a message!

Women’s t-shirts are therefore a basic that is sure to be in every closet. But they have also become much more than a simple white top, because they perfectly combine a feminine insouciance with a certain desire for adventure and relaxation.

Where best to buy cheap online or in store?

For their personal ideas are suitable both online shopping , retail, malls or stores. 
Here is a store compilation that does not claim to be perfect:
Zara, Zalando Online, Madeleine, Amazon, Heine, About You, cunda, Bon Prix, Primark especially for teens and teenagers, Asos, Karstadt Galeria, Hennes and Mauritz, Deichmann, Otto, Esprit, H&M, s oliver, Vertbaudet for babies, children, girls and boys, Peek and Cloppenburg good for older, Ottoversand, Orsay, C&A and in January and July the Zara Sale.

What brands are there?

There are many top brands that offer t-shirts. We have collected the following brands:
Adidas, Amazon Basics, Amoretu, Beluring, Ben Sherman, Benetton, Berydale, Buffalo, Calvin Klein, Champion, Daily Ritual, Elesse, Esprit, Fruit of Loom, G-Star, Khujo, Levis, LTB, Mavi, New Zealand Auckland, Nike, O’Neill, Only, Otto Kern, Pepe Jeans, Puma, Reebok, Replay, Rusty Neal, Strellson, Superdry, Timberland, Tom Tailor, Tommy Hilfiger, Urban Classics, Vero Moda, Wrangler and Yoins.

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